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ServerTycoon is entirely made with Microsoft .NET, Blazor and Azure

You know, storage costs money, so if you want to save your game progress please sustain us paying a pizza and we will do our best to keep your game state safe in our cloud space


Our history in few milestones...

  • 2014

    Inspired by our careers and the '80s

    After more than two decades passed following our passion for Systems Architecture and Software Development, we started to imagine the video game of our dreams...

  • End of 2014

    Our idea starts to take shape...

    After few months designing and testing game dynamics, we finally have a Game Design document and a bunch of working algorithms and data models...

  • 2016

    The first Crowdfunding campaign

    In January 2016 we started a campaign that captivated more than 400 backers.
    Many of them shared with us their suggestions and concerns and we started to have a different vision of our initial game design.'s time to wear the thinking hat once again.

  • 2024

    A new beginning...

    With radical changes in the game design and after having read tons of personal messages from many people still interested in this project, we believe ServerTycoon deserve another opportunity, a better destiny then a zipped folder in a cloud repository.

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