Server Tycoon is a strategic and management (MMORTS) video game where players strive earning game coins offering internet services to their customers. The simulated companies can be listed on a Stock Exchange and players can buy shares from allies or opponents receiving profits, but remember pirates and competitors will try to stop you with frequent cyber attacks so, improve your infrastructure, organise your defences and try to climb the top of the hi-tech finance!

ServerTycoon will be soon available on:


Apple iOS


Apple OS x


Development log:

Download the Preview for Windows and OS

Just 50 minutes after the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign started we receive a first pledge of 35,00 Eur from canada ;)

Crowdfunding campaign just started on Kickstarter!

Final layout of the T-Shirts has been approved... another reward ready for Kickstarter!

The Valley is taking life in voxel graphics with Blender and 'the magic' procedural Python script

The historical computers add-ons are ready to be installed on the App

First test for Virtual Reality interface with Oculus Rift

Delivery of the first coloured 3D printed scale model

The domain and web hosting have been acquired

The DEC VT-100 terminal 3D model prototype is ready to be printed

PsyBass, our art director and graphics designer, prepared the latest version of the game's logo

Delivery of the first print test of the IMSAI 8080... it's perfect!

After the thermal analysis, the walls tickness has been raised to 0,7mm. Now the model is ready to be uploaded to the 3D printer service.

IMSAI 8080, became famous for the 1983 WarGames movie, model is ready to be tested with slicing software.

The PDP-11, where UNIX took life in 1969, is available for the game DEMO.

The Honeywell H632, the first 32-bit computer, is available for the game DEMO.

This website is hosted by the ServerTycoon
game server "webserv1" (0x0e1f1) at the
Gamify Lab company, Building 70,
The Valley.




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