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Server Tycoon is a Construction and Management Simulation (CMS) video game where players have to manage a data center and strive earning game coins offering internet services to their customers. But remember pirates and competitors will try to stop you with frequent cyber attacks so, improve your infrastructure, organise your defences and try to climb the top of the hiĀ­tech finance!

Game Features


Grown and manage your computer room and earns coins offering computer services
Your servers with mined coins

Buy new hardware from the shop and unlock new technologies and bigger buildings
From garage to creative solutions

Attack opponents and defend your assets learning assembly coded computer virus
Core Wars minigame is used for cyber attacks

Host your company web page in your game servers reachable from real world internet!
Your game server services in real world

Crowdfunding Campaign


If you like our game please help us to complete it. Both concept and game design phases are over and now we are at an advanced stage of development.

But the game still need for minor graphics elements, some line of code, music+sound design, software licenses and administrative and legal stuff...

We are going to open a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter by Fall 2018, stay tuned to find out all the details about exclusive reward we reserved to our supporters