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ServerTycoon is a Construction, Strategic and Management Video Game where players have to manage a Datacenter and earn money offering services to their customers. ServerTycoon will be released for PC Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux with the following main features:


Grow and manage your server farm
Deploy services
Comply with contracts


Buy and sell your company shares
and defende against cyber attacks


Experience HVAC and green computing. Arrange network connections.

Real Estate

Buy and sell buildings and become the Tycoon of the Valley

Augmented Reality

Play the game on your desk
see your servers working in real world!

Virtual Reality

Explore your own world
and meet your friends


Who will be the Tycoon of the Valley?



Golden Ages, Subsea Farm and more... Complete them all!

HR Management

HR Management

Hire and train skilled system engineers


Our history in few milestones...

  • 2014

    Inspired by our careers and the '80s

    After more than two decades passed following our passion for Systems Architecture and Software Development, we started to imagine the video game of our dreams...

  • End of 2014

    Our idea starts to take shape...

    After few months designing and testing game dynamics, we finally have a Game Design document and a bunch of working algorithms and data models...

  • 2016

    The first Crowdfunding campaign

    In January 2016 we started a campaign that captivated more than 400 backers.
    Many of them shared with us their suggestions and concerns and we started to have a different vision of our initial game design.
    ...it's time to wear the thinking hat once again.

  • January 2019

    A new beginning...

    With radical changes in the game design and after having read tons of personal messages from many people still interested in this project, we believe ServerTycoon deserve another opportunity, a better destiny then a zipped folder in a cloud repository.

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Help us raising funds to make one of the most internet apreciated project a playable game.


Any donation is precious to us. Please, visit our project page and choose your preferred pledge starting from few Euro.

Choose your reward

Enjoy of our appreciation to your support. Choose what you like more from your name in the game credits to exclusive 3D printed items.

Save money

Based upon the pledge you can receive a free account to play ServerTycoon. Once the game will be on the market, the accounts will be priced starting from 14,99 EUR depending on the level.

ServerTycoon Team


Social Media Manager


Game Designer
ITSM Expert


Game Designer
Game Developer

We've known each other since kindergarten and we share the same passion for technology and the world of videogames. So, after lengthy brainstorming sessions at every available opportunity, or at home during weekends, after playing a board game or after an Arduino session we started thinking about this game. The basic idea comes from our work experiences and from games we used to play in our youth. We always liked Management and Strategy games, let's think about "Ports of Call" we played on our "Commodore Amiga 500" in the mid 80's or back in the early 80's with "Cartels & Cutthroat$" on our "Commodore 64", until the most recent M&S games like "Warcraft" and so on... Why datacenter and servers? This is because we are IT professionals each with about 20 years experience in UNIX and Windows system administration, software development, server farm management, fleet management, project management and, recently, enterprise gamifications. In addition to this we are also driven by a timeless love for vintage computers so we decided, in our own way, to celebrate the history of computing putting all these elements together into just one video game.

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