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Starter Kit

Welcome to Server Tycoon, we give you all you need to start earning game coins with your company:

Service + Time = Coins

When you setup a cluster and turn it on it offers services on internet. This generates coins that are kept into the cluster itself until you move them into your Vault.

If an attack succeed all the coins contained into a cluster could be stolen.

The Vault

The Vault is a special computer aimed to host your coins and keep them safe from most common cyber attacks.
Upgrade it to store even more coins and resist to newest attacks techniques.

In this game, coins are not transfered from people (your customers) to service providers (you) through banking institutes.They are a Cryptocurrency that are generated directly into the cluters that offer a service.

In other words coins are special files that can physically travel via internet, and that's the reason why cyber pirates whant to attack you all the time...

The Cluster

The Cluster is the main actor of the game's scene. You can buy custom components to assemble a powerful machine able to gain coins at high speed and resist cyber attacks in time.

You can upgrade memory, storage, computational units, graphics cards, cooling systems or just decore your computer cabinets.

In the IT Shop you'll also find all the software needed to offer various services like (mail, file host, game server, ...).

The Valley

This is the place in the “ServerTycoon consistent and massive-multiplayer world” where companies makes money and fight for the highest ranking positions. You can raise the taller building or the most green campus. Sell your old site and buy a shiny new building!

If you enjoy our crowdfunding campaing you could redeem unique rewards like funder-class building or a lot into the “Founders' park”.

Stock Market

Want funds to renew your server farm? Can’t grow up faster then your neighborhood? Sell your company shares on the STSE (Server Tycoon Stock Exchange) or buy others company shares to take profits from their weekly earings.

If you enjoy our crowdfunding campaing you could redeem the STEC (Server Tycoon Expert Certification) entitlement, use it to electronically sign all your shares increasing their initial price reaching more funds.

The best defence is a good offense

As previously mentioned, pirates will pass their time attacking you, but as soon as they do it, something will remain on your cluster:

  1. the footprint (the network address)
    if the stolen coins have been already moved in the attacking cluster you can try a rescue, or even just revenge... next time he will remember of you ;)
  2. the script used for the attack
    use it to understant what was wrong with your defence script, why this is more efficient then yours and learn new defence techniques
  3. a temporary protection against further attacks coming from that address
    your firewall will automatically blacklist attacking address for a short period, restore your cluster before this basic protection expires!

Attacks and defenses are both based on scripts made of few instructions you can learn in minutes, at the time of game's release a free tutorial will teach you the basics of this art. In the meantime, two starting scripts will be included in your firewall.

Old stuff matters!

Collecting vintage computers will increase your company capital helping you to set an higher initial price for the shares you are going to sell

Floppy credits

Accumulate Floppy Credits and spend them in:


The Wiki section of ServerTycoon will be open when the game will be online.


The Forum of ServerTycoon will be open when the game will be online.

Terms of Service

PDF contract here soon...

Parents Guide

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